Reinstate the entry signs to McLaren Vale. Support the businesses that make the region.


For your information there is a petition at The Cottage Bakery – McLaren Vale and several other shops and going the rounds on social media for the reinstatement of entrance signs to McLaren Vale.  

Onkaparinga Council
Staff of McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism
Cr Gail Kilby, Deputy Mayor
Cr Wayne Olsen
Cr Yvonne Wenham

Reinstate the winery signs at the entrance to McLaren Vale. Give the wine region the status it deserves. Negotiations between McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism and the City of Onkaparinga need to re-commence and find a solution.

[Your name]

I didn’t have any involvement in this but I support what they are asking for. I understand that in 2013 construction of the McLaren Vale overpass meant the removal of some of the McLaren Vale entrance signs. Negotiations between the City of Onkaparinga and McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism were unable to find a suitable location to reinstate these signs, so in the interest of fairness, all the signs were removed. The petition asks reinstate the winery signs at the entrance to McLaren Vale and give the wine region the status it deserves. It calls for negotiations between MVGWTA and the City of Onkparinga to recommence and to work fitting entry statement that recognises our local businesses.

I have signed it today, please feel free to join me.


James Hook


Anonymous said…


McLaren Vale is at the centre of hte best wine growing area in South Australia and deserves to be recognised.
Anonymous said…

Lisa Cameron AUSTRALIA

The signs are a great awareness/marketing tool directed at the visitors and residents of McLaren Vale to inform them of the many labels/vineyards that are in McLaren Vale. This is especially so for the many people who live in McLaren Vale but are not involved in the wine industry. You can go to a restaurant and see a name on a bottle of wine or even just the label/branding and recognise it as a McLaren Vale wine because you have driven past the sign every day. Further to this, the signs added colour and interest to the entry of McLaren Vale, whereas at present, you could be driving into any country town. In my opinion, the signs had historic value and were a significant landmark that should never have been removed.
James Hook said…


After visiting the area several times - seeing the signs is like seeing an old friend - much valued !
Anonymous said…

Vanessa Sherry AUSTRALIA

We need a beautiful entrance to McLaren vale like we used to have and recognise all the wineries that make our town so special
Anonymous said…

Delta Robins AUSTRALIA

That is the gateway to McLaren Vale, and all that we have worked to create. It was a welcome our visitors!
Anonymous said…

Michelle Mason AUSTRALIA

We are a small family owed organic winery and we used to have a sign on the main road.

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