Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2009 Pinot Noir - New Release!

This is one of our most exciting releases. Pinot noir, one of the most difficult wines to make well, is a darling among many wine lovers, most of whom know the drama behind the scenes that goes into its creation.
AndrĂ© Tchelistcheff declared that "God made Cabernet Sauvignon whereas the devil made Pinot noir."   The reason for this is it much less tolerant of hard, windy, hot and dry, harsh vineyard conditions than the likes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or Grenache. It also has thin skins which makes it prone to disease in wet years. Therefore it likes neither wet, or hot conditons. Pinot needs it just right.
In the bottle Pinot can change from bench reserve to stalwart center-half forward without warning (and similar lose form, vice versa), and at its best is exalted as one of the greatest of all wines.
Ours is out now!

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