Monday, October 31, 2011

Surprise arrivals.

The normally sleepy gardens of the Lazy Ballerina cellar door were shaken by a surprise helicopter arrival. The boys from the Littlehampton restaurant Out of the Pan, Jeremy Matto and Alan Crawford enjoyed the high life with a quick jaunt for a wine tasting.

It was Jeremy's birthday and partner Alan surprised him with the helicopter ride. Jeremy said he did not know where they were going when they set off on the ride and was surprised to pick out Kuitpo Forest from the air and even more surprised to land in the Lazy Ballerina gardens.
 Lazy Ballerina is twenty minutes drive south from Mt Barker but the helicopter made the trip in half the time.

Jeremy and Alan completed their adventure, taking some wine it tow with them, by returning for a party at the Nairne indian restaurant Chingari.

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