Friday, December 17, 2010

Rare Lizard seen in McLaren Vale - James' scoop find.

Amazingly these photos of this lizard in McLaren Vale have caused a stir.

I took them on Tuesday and posted them to Facebook. From the pictures I took I have been contacted by the SA museum who wants to find this specimen. They believe it might well be a Lace Monitor - "Bells Form" Varanus varius... Read more.

It seems to be a rare find and has been believed to be extinct in South Australia. The museum doesn't believe that there are any Lace Monitors in the Adelaide Hills, or specifically any "Bells Form Monitors" in SA.

I look forward to crossing paths with Mr Lizard again - and that is an exciting find indeed!

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James Hook said...

I have been doing some ringing around this afternoon. My discoveries...

The Lakes Monitor was seen near Manning Scrub which is an area of remnant scrub.

1) It has been seen by 4 different people the earliest in January 2010.

2) It is unlikely to be an escapee pet as these things are worth $1,000's and very restricted to who can keep / sell them.

3) In the 1950's Blewitt Springs farmer Lester Dowdel helped clear the area and said that big lizards were common but they were not seen after the 1954 "Black Friday" bushfires (and the land clearing obviously!)

I am printing Lester a photo and seeing if our lizard, is the same one that was found in the area in the 1950's.

4) I feel sorry for the d'Arenberg employee who was working on his own, saw the lizard, told his co-workers and was not believed!