Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cellar Door - Vintage Motorbike Fest!

The weather was fine, the day clear, then the rumble came. A dud groan echoed in the Kuitpo Valley. The smell of 2-stoke and 4-stoke lingered in the normally pristine pine forest air.

These pics taken during the visit by the southern area's Vintage Motorbike clubs to our cellar door. The group brought near fifty, fine pieces of machinery.

The boys from Scarpantoni were in fine form. No plants were harmed during the day, but carbon was burnt in the name of vintage horsepower.

My pick of the day was a 1956 Matchless Scrambler.

My Dad told me a story about when his brother, my Uncle, raced a car in a Matchless Scrambler and my Dad was the pinion passenger.

The two of them hit a bump going over a bridge. My Dad nearly fell off, going about 90mph and just caught the fender over the back wheel. He says it was the closest he ever got to instant death.

Kids, present day Motocross was an evolution of the British off-road event called scrambling and scrambling bikes were the first type of dirt bike.

I am sure they didn't have Hi-Vis when these motorbikes were built.

I can only take pictures... the sound and the smell was something else.

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