Thursday, November 4, 2010

Transcription of Minister Holloway on ABC radio 891.



DAVID BEVAN: Good morning, Minister.

PAUL HOLLOWAY: Good morning David.

DB: Well are you going to cut a special deal for Leon Bignell and the people down at McLaren Vale, and not one for the people at Mount Barker?

PH: Well look, it’s not a question of special deals. What happened was when we went through the Thirty Year Plan we set aside, we picked out the important horticultural areas of the state, which is the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale and er the key watershed parts of the Adelaide Hills for example.

But this government has not added any land in the southern parts of Adelaide to the urban boundary other than Bowering Hill and as Leon’s just mentioned to you we we we’ve changed our policy on that in relation to uh keeping that for for tourism purposes.

This particular land at Seaford Heights has been zoned residential for twenty years and it was er in the urban boundary for, ever since we’ve had an urban boundary.

Now what we, what we –

DB: So how many houses are you determined to see down at McLaren Vale? How many extra houses?

PH: Well it isn’t McLaren Vale. It’s, it’s not at McLaren Vale. There’s there’s been no change to the boundary in that, in that er –

DB: But hang on - [confused jumble of voices]

PH: We’re talking about Seaford Heights. Seaford Heights is not McLaren Vale. It, it’s it’s adjacent ... but the area we’re talking about is adjacent to the current developments … it’s it’s in between Seaford –

DB: You’re not suggesting the protesters should buy themselves a street directory; they’re not wasting their time are they?

PH: Well, no, no, well I think there is … it’s a key point if you’re talking about saving the McLaren Vale wine district, um, you know we’re very concerned about the entrance to McLaren Vale and Leon’s made that point strongly and we we agree with him and there does need to be a proper buffer on that road, that once you get out of Noarlunga and you head up into the top of the hill and then down into the the Willunga Basin there into McLaren Vale, you do need to have some protection from urban growth and that’s, I believe it was part of the original plan and we’re certainly we’re certainly we’ll certainly be looking at that and the LMC –

MATTHEW ABRAHAM: Paul Holloway will you be taking a more, would you be taking a more, would you be taking a more elastic approach to the Mount Barker protesters if it was a marginal seat, it they had a Leon Bignell um going in to bat for them?

PH: Look it’s not a question of of elastic policies, look we had a Thirty Year Plan and and we had all the discussion then about where the growth should be. As a result of the feedback in Mount Barker we did make changes: we did put more houses in Murray Bridge as a result of that rather than Mount Barker so we had that debate you know more than twelve months ago before the last election –

MA: But but you did sign off on –

PH: Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on Matthew, before the last election we actually um released the Thirty year Plan. It officially became policy back in February this year. There was plenty of time to debate it before the election, and that, that, that’s what set aside the various land, it set out all the maps, and with all the land that would be used for future growth –

MA: And was Buckland Park in that Thirty year Plan?

PH: Of course, yes of course –

MA: Initially?

PH: Aaah, yes –

MA: I thought you had to make an exception for Buckland Park for the Thirty Year Plan –

PH: No, no, no, no Buckland Park was done as a major project because it was some time back. We’re talking two or three years back –

MA: It was approved shortly before the election was it not?

PH: Well, well it was the subject of, well I think well before actually. Um it’s just going through a Development Plan now but the original Major Project -

PH: Oh the Major Project, the Major Project decision was made was was was announced well before: well, well, well before the election –

DB: But the approval was right on the eve of the election –

PH: Well as soon as the Thirty Year Plan came out and Buckland Park yes because it’s been through a very lengthy process as a Major Project; it’s taken something like twelve months or more to go through but it now has to go through the re-zoning process as do all these other bits of land.

But look, look, that debate we we had and I, contrary to what’s been said, I attended public meetings at Mount Barker and so on when we had that debate.

But in relation to McLaren Vale, it’s always been Labor government policy that we would preserve the the Willunga Basin and we intend to do so in a stronger way as Leon’s just mentioned.

MA: Um, Minister thankyou. We do thank you Paul Holloway, Minister for Urban Development and Planning and also for hanging on and listening to the various views there from both McLaren Vale and Mount Barker and Leon Bignell.

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