Seaford Rise Protest - Winemaking Behind the Lens.

The Seaford Heights development is located at the entrance to the gateways to the tourism regions of McLaren Vale, the Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. The land adjoins the beginning of the vineyards of the town of McLaren Vale on the Victor Harbor Road and the open spaces of South Road.

"It is the point where suburbia fades away and the holiday experience begins for more people than any other region in South Australia," says wine writer Phillip White.

"Urban sprawl is a worldwide disease, and Australia should be able to manage it far better than it does. Too many wine regions with high quality wines and tourism/lifestyle opportunities fall to ticky-tacky houses and shopping malls. Southern Vales has gone this way. It would be a travesty for the few undeveloped but high quality vineyard areas in McLaren Vale to follow suit," says wine scribe James Halliday.


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