Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in the swing of it... Rocks ain't rocks.

So far so good! Lovely strong growth on the vineyard. The vines are enjoying the moisture from the wettest winter we have had in a long time.

Today I have been out digging in the vineyards of the Sellicks foothills.

Sellicks is farthest point south of the region directly overlooking the ocean beaches - think the Victory Hotel and you understand where I mean.

These foothills extend the length of the base of the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges.

The strip of soil here, mostly red loam, has been eroded from these ranges and has pieces of rock mixed into the soil. These rock shards are limestone and dolomite from the Normanville Group of Cambrian Age geology (520 million years old) and older Neoproterozoic Wilpena Group (600 million years old) which is mainly sandstone and quartzite.

This means the area has thin soil and old rocks, which are conducive to small grape crops. The higher the vineyard on the hills the thinner the soil and the harder the vines have to work to produce their crop.

The old rocks also make digging a bit harder.

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