Whatever happened to Balmoral Syrah?

I was looking at quoff wine and came across the following review of Balmoral Syrah 2002.

“What the heck happened? Who knows, not just with the 2002 Balmoral, but the whole product line and brand.

The wine has gone from being a top shelf, desirable icon to just another $20 wine in Dan Murphy's in 2007... No further releases since?


I was searching for this wine because I had a conversation with a Fosters Employee who did not know that the 2002 Balmoral, previously an McLaren Vale Icon, was discounted to $20.00 per wine in a 6 pack in 2007. They were insistent I was wrong, however I looked on the net and found this article from TORB is 2007 -torbwine.com

I am curious? Where did it go? Will it come back?


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