Piombo Shiraz 2004

No score given because I know the the winemaker. The facts are I am impressed.

The wine is massive, with some of the darkest colour I have ever seen. This is more of a black wine than a red wine. It also has some of the biggest tannins I have ever seen. They are very chalky.

Yet there is some elegance to it despite its size and tannins. As the tannin falls out over time and the wine is decanted it comes alive. Black cherries, and a common taste in McLaren Vale Shiraz- blackcurrant.

Amazingly this wine has a touch of Grennock Creek with a distinctive meaty flavour. Noted critic Philip White explained to me that the Sellicks Foothills region (where Piombo is grown) has underlying rock which next surfaces in Grennock. Spooky.

This is like taking two wines & squashing them together - wine + wine = Piombo.



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